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Furniture manufacturing: why is recruitment stuck in a dilemma?

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In the last 10 years, the talent recruitment manager has a few big ups and downs, which has caused a strong impact on the production and management of home enterprises. The recruitment season is 7 and August each year, but on the furniture industry, it is difficult for furniture companies to recruit workers, and graduates are hard to find jobs. Why?

In the last 10 years, the talent recruitment manager has a few big ups and downs, which has caused a strong impact on the production and operation of the enterprise. In 2014, the problem is more serious, in February 10th, construction enterprises, employees return to the average rate of less than 30% enterprises, nearly half of the employees to reduce late pressure, in February 20th after the start, even so, the staff duty rate is only 80%. In the face of the shortage of talent, the enterprise is hard to find out. Many furniture factories for the stability of the old staff, the introduction of new employees to spend a lot of effort, using a variety of ways: recruitment of talent market, stick to the intermediary, advertising, banner, posted reward is introduced into the factory workers in 200 factories, 300 yuan is not in the minority; Shenzhen, pay 500-1000 yuan banner relax; age, general workers under the age of 50, the special requirements of the post under the age of 40, and so on, but with little success.

Obviously, for now China furniture manufacturing industry, the lack of professional talents, management is difficult to upgrade "is just one aspect," production line workers shortage "is another important factor affecting the production of. This year, the graduation season is not only difficult to recruit from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta, but even a lot of the mainland cities have the same situation. On the opposite, the talent market also has a lot of job seekers, with a resume around the back and forth, working hard to find a big sigh. The same talent market at the same time the "ice fire two days" situation, let the people's people's surprise and doubt, "straight" "odd job in the workplace".

On the other hand, it is difficult for enterprises to recruit workers, while it is difficult for people to apply for job hunting. The recruitment of Chinese furniture manufacturing industry is in a dilemma, and why does it go into the paradox of employment?

The basic mode of employment has not changed

In the past a long time, the furniture manufacturing industry of abundant labor resources, especially in economically developed coastal areas, the manufacturing boom, people can find a job in these places, become a general and proud. The enterprise is not the general public in the eye, long-term geographical advantages and huge work force to make it very easy to hire, spoiled the appetite, did not consider can improve the staff's work, living environment and salary. The bad working environment and the unequal pay system of labor and capital have caused the frequent flow of personnel, among which there are no lack of technical staff, old employees and managers. But the long-term Yangzunchuyou, enable enterprises to ignore this feeling the loss of resources and potential crisis, the frequent flow of personnel to not take it seriously. In the high level of the eyes of many enterprises, "this kind of staff is full of street, can grab one, you have to go, not afraid of no one's work."  People back and forth, finally develop proficient, do everything half, go, and come again to start from a novice, semi-finished products, the production efficiency of enterprises,

The quality of production has always been in a state of wagging. The long-term existence of this idea makes China's furniture manufacturing in a state of low efficiency production and low level operation.

Nowadays, due to the long existence of recruitment difficulties and labor shortage, enterprises begin to face up to the existence value of employees and begin to improve their working environment, living environment and wages. But the drawbacks of the employment model has long been the result of fouling difficult to retreat, it is difficult to improve in a short period of time. According to the survey, some furniture enterprises have paid high wages for workers, but they need to extend labor hours and work intensity, which is equivalent to overtime pay. The basic mode of employment has not changed. Some job seekers said that although some factories promised many good conditions when recruiting workers, they did not agree with the recruitment advertisements.

Talent flow to business and service industry

At present, the furniture manufacturing enterprises are facing the dilemma of a furniture enterprise recruitment, personnel said that the current employment environment and let loose the choice of opportunities, so that job seekers on the job requirements also increased, and now the job seekers not only care about the level of wages, and factors of the work environment, development prospects, work strength is also very important.

A survey shows that the new knowledge and the young generation in the attitude toward work and generation is very different, they like the 60 and 790 generation after the growth in the era of deprivation, the willingness to work hard, to solve the problem of food and clothing, all kinds of bitter tired can endure all kinds of growth. In modern people, from the living environment is very good, are spoiled grow up, little hardship, and have knowledge and culture. They attached great importance to the work time and work environment, to strictly separate work and personal time, and lives in the pursuit of quality and enjoyment, exquisite taste of life, some of the work time is too long, the lack of private space and dirty, disorderly and poor working environment is very exclusive, so in the choice of work often avoid manufacturing industry.

At present, most of the graduates are turning to the shortage of labor in the real estate, service industry, technology or business and other industries, while the real estate, service industry and other personnel are saturated.

Two phase contradiction between job demand and Job Hunting Intention

There are professionals saying that the current market for recruitment is in a dilemma