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The value of the luxury furniture that is covered by logo

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[introduction] "home is an experience, whether it's human nature or nature. There are different demands for families at different times and ages. Luxury furniture conveys the idea of paying attention to family life. Everyone lives in it instead of outside." Alan Lowa, the Creative Architect of Versace, explains it.

With the increase of consumer demand for high-quality home furnishings, more and more people are no longer satisfied with buying mass produced furniture, and the trend of "private tailored" high-end home furnishings is coming to an irresistible trend. And China's huge high-end furniture consumer market attracted a large number of foreign great brands, and more attracted a lot of fashion industry luxury big brand cross - boundary marketing. In 2012, the sales of luxury furniture in the world were 18 billion euros (about 145 billion 200 million RMB), up 3 percentage points from 2011, according to the Bain group. Under such a temptation, many luxury brands have stepped up the pace to seize the Chinese market.

Fashion is not only to clothing, but to the way of life as a whole

When furniture design encounters fashion luxury

The day before, Louver Gallery (Lu Fu) furniture exhibition hall at the grand opening of Chengdu luxury shopping district, is the first agency Fendi Casa opened in southwest Chinese (the Fendi furniture) flagship store, Italian senior private custom furniture lets a person as the acme of perfection.

10 years ago, when the fashion brand Gucci (Gucci) chief designer Tom Ford once said, "fashion is not limited to the clothing, but a whole way of life".

After entering in twenty-first Century, leading fashion Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Versace and other luxury goods have "crossover" into the field of furniture, the design team spirit inheritance fashion brand meticulously, inject more fashion elements to the Palace once revered retro luxury furniture. The top fashion brand cross boundary home also makes more people see the limitless charm of home life, and also highlights the characteristics of the present luxury household consumption.

As a matter of fact, these furniture are not only popular among stars and billionaires, but also some overseas dignitaries and royals are willing to order high-end luxury furniture, but also as a symbol of status.

What is the value of luxury furniture behind the gorgeous LOGO?

It's popular in Hollywood, "if you don't know what to wear, wear Armani." And Fendi is the "Armani" in the luxury furniture industry. In order to avoid extravagance and easy to be copied, Fendi has high requirements for quality and design, and the sophisticated technology and high quality materials are indispensable. This one, a new Fendi sofa of the latest fashion synchronized with Milan, Paris, from the silk pillow on the gorgeous embroidery to the full sense of SWAROVSKI's top luxury crystal diamond, to design aesthetic and technical advantages of the brand, so that every slight place exudes a charming atmosphere, its price, natural price. It is understood that the brand of furniture products are expensive, the price of a corner sofa is about 600 thousand yuan, and the price of a chandelier is also up and down 200 thousand yuan.

In the face of high prices, what is the value of these luxury furniture, in addition to the well-known LOGO elements, to attract consumers to buy?

It is engaged in the high-end custom Home Furnishing industry nearly 20 years of EMMA Home Furnishing director Fu Taofeng introduction, Italy Home Furnishing manufacturing and brand class divided into two schools, the former has a process from generation to generation, the representative of the original leading place in furniture manufacturing; the latter is a field star brand, after he moved to Home Furnishing industry. Both of them have great respect for original design. Almost every product is designed by a designer, just like the buildings in Italy will engrave designer names. "Consumer purchases of Italy's design products, about 20% of the cost of the payment of the copyright of the designer."

Remember Jin Yuxi once said, "all that can be copied can not be called a luxury." It can be seen that today's luxury goods are not traditional gold, silver, mahogany and so on, they are priced by materials, which is a manifestation of life style and a unique honor.

Shanghai economic forecast Institute researcher analysis that originated from the Western craftsmen for the nobility of tailored luxury goods, the consumption process is more representative of the personal emotion, desire and value, pay attention to hold personal meaning. More and more middle class gradually realized that the real luxury is the upward aesthetic consciousness and the upward lifestyle. The luxury atmosphere created by luxury goods is not due to the superiority of economic prosperity, but to the pursuit of an ideal lifestyle.

Every luxury brand has its own DNA

In March 2014, in the most luxurious area of New York, the 2837 square foot (about 264 square meters) of the Fendi apartment was formally completed. The apartments designed and built by Fendi are located on the 21 floor of the Carlyle apartment, priced at 3 million 300 thousand yuan (20 million 590 thousand yuan), which is called Fendi's luxury work.

The interior design of the apartment is built by the designer Toan Nguyen to meet all the needs of the rich. The Fendi furnished the apartment with full furnishings, and the red - brown floor with a strong modern furniture, enough to show the owner's taste. In addition to luxurious furniture, the apartment has a high ceiling and a panoramic window overlooking the beauty of the city and the St. Monica mountain.

Compared with the price of Fendi, the price of Armani Casa varies from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Can't afford to buy a classic series of ashes