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What trends will there be in the furniture market in 2017?

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To promote the furniture industry to produce a significant breakthrough in 2016 2017 has been in the past, the furniture market will have what trends? Below, by the author for you in 2017 furniture popular elements, prediction of late trend direction, this analysis, you can not miss oh.

1. furniture design advocates green

Green design requires the selection of green raw materials. The future direction of green furniture design is wide. We should consider the materials with high utilization rate of timber, prefabricated materials, specialized production components and wood composite materials.

2. solid wood furniture is the most popular

The original wood of pure natural wood and the nature of environmental protection are the reasons for the everlasting prosperity of solid wood furniture. The elegant and simple style and the natural and rough style are the main style of the solid wood furniture sales. At the same time, solid wood children furniture is also a sales highlight of solid wood furniture. Pine, poplar and other environmentally friendly and relatively affordable children's furniture has been loved by many parents, such as song Bao Kingdom, X.M.B and so on.

3. soft furniture occupies half of the world

The software furniture mainly includes the cloth furniture and the leather furniture. First of all, in comfort, because the soft texture, more fit body curves, better than wood, plate; in addition, more young people to meet the modern personalized demand, coupled with its environmental protection, durable advantages in the market share is growing, has gradually become a trend of consumption.

4. furniture design creativity leads the fashion

No sofa armrest and chair into a sunflower, long table wheels, furniture design now has broke the inherent pattern of law-abiding, more on the foundation of basic function, seeking a balance of function and aesthetic, from the appearance, texture, scale to the function has a bold and innovative combination. The shape and function of furniture can be changed at will, and more emphasis on life interest. In fact, the use and artistic nature of the furniture are far away from the shackles of style.

5. European and American furniture

European and American furniture covers inclusive and artistic, concentrating all kinds of furniture elements, absorbing the excellent culture of all countries. The household consumers with economic strength mostly prefer European and American furniture. European and American furniture has been innovating after entering China, which not only retains its luxurious, elegant, heavy and comfortable personality, but also shows the other side of beauty, harmony and dignity. "Environmental protection, color neutral, style fashion", the European and American furniture to the peak of the popular.

6. fresh rattan furniture durable fashion

Rattan furniture is one of the world's first furniture varieties, not only comfortable ventilation, appearance is also very fresh, full of natural breath, can create a cool Home Furnishing. The new rattan furniture not only inherits the traditional rattan weaving technology, but also integrates the modern superb design art. The rattan furniture shows its unique charm, and it is very durable.

The development trend of the furniture industry in 2017 forecast will only above a few ~ welcome you to continue to pay attention to Home Furnishing hotline website, the author will from all aspects for your mining industry the latest dynamic, actually let you in a business way to get more God assists".